Duana and I recorded this week’s episode of Show Your Work yesterday. While, at the time, we did not yet know what would happen today, our discussion points still apply – Prince Harry’s relationship with the media, the media workings around this kind of event, and what Harry and now Meghan have shown us about how they’ll run their media playbook. 

On the last episode of the podcast , we talked about Drake’s feature in The Hollywood Reporter and his ambitious move into movies and TV. This week it’s Kendrick Lamar on the cover of a Hollywood trade – he’s profiled in Variety but, unlike Drake, the motivation here isn’t as obvious. Who is this interview for? And what is it for? And… how did I link Kendrick Lamar to both Taylor Swift and Jordan Peele?!? 

Next, Margot Robbie covers Vogue Australia. Margot has been showing us her game all season. She has a very good chance at Best Actress Oscar nomination. It would appear that Margot’s been doing the work, quietly, for some time. And is now ready to show the work. In doing the work, by the way, she broke some rules. Speaking of rules and not conforming, in response to our conversation last week about Radhika Jones, a reader called Bonnie sent us The Red Sneakers Effect. It’s an amazing read. But should we now call it the Fox Print Tights Effect? 

And finally… Do We Need To Care about Jameela Jamil?

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