But first…

We spend the first few minutes of this latest episode of Show Your Work stressing over #BeyoncéHomecoming. This is a Beyoncé documentary by Beyoncé about the work of Beyoncé. This is pretty much why our podcast even exists. So, of course, we will be dedicating a special episode of Show Your Work to Homecoming, premiering on Netflix on April 17th. And this might involve an all-nighter and a quick edit turnaround because, OBVIOUSLY, when Beyoncé works, WE HAVE TO WORK TOO. (Dear Beysus, this is not a complaint, we love the work you give us. Thank you for your blessings.)

Next, it’s time. It’s time for Game of Thrones to end. But how? As Matt Zoller Seitz wrote in Vulture last week, GoT might be the last show we ever all watch together. Recently we’ve seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Broad Citystick their landings” as they’ve wrapped up their series. GoT is the biggest television show of its time. The expectations are a lot higher. So when all of that is riding on the conclusion, what do we “want” from the story – and does it match up with what we “need” out of the story? We talk about the work of the storyteller, and how these Game of Thrones storytellers have been “backing in” to the end of the story they’ve been setting up. 

From there we move to Taraji P Henson’s Power of Women interview in Variety - this is SUCH a great interview and you haven’t read it, there’s so much here to take away. She gives rare celebrity insight on money, on negotiation, on strategy – the kind of specific work talk that few celebrities engage in. Which is why she gives us all a model on work that we can all use. 

Finally…when Tom Holland works for Marvel, apparently they don’t give him much to work with – as in he doesn’t even get a copy of the script! And on the press tour, as we’ve seen, he’s assigned a babysitter. Because he’s so bad with spoilers. There’s work talk here though, and not just with the containment. Clearly he’s not that much of a liability right? Also, here’s the Chadwick Boseman meme that’s mentioned – this is how Chadwick deals with the questions: 

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