Taylor Swift’s big deal is our top story…

But only after we get to Julia Roberts and goop. Julia was a guest on Gwyneth Paltrow’s podcast which was a revelation to me and then Duana had a revelation about her voice – which is what many of you have been trying to tell her for years. 

As for Taylor, Forbes reported that her new contract with Universal Music Group is worth $200 million. That sounds kinda low to me and Duana but the point is… there was a LOT of work that went into this deal. We unpack how Taylor handles her business, what excites us about how she handles it, and where she could be taking it next – because this era, while new, may just be a step towards something much bigger. Remember when I called her the Matrix?

Next to Lilly Singh who recently announced that she’s taking a break from YouTube to focus on her mental health which leads us into a discussion about difficult decisions, about work pressure, about the pressure to work, nonstop, especially in new media. What is the responsibility of workplaces to assist in self-care, in employee care? What is the responsibility of the audience? 

And finally….

Is playing a dick the secret to the work of Jennifer Aniston? Duana has a theory about Jennifer Aniston and I’m not sure I’m on board yet. 

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