This week’s episode was recorded on Thursday night because of my travel plans which means Duana and I had no idea, LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD, that we were about to go Apesh-t. One of the founding principles of Show Your Work, however, is to “give them what they need, not what they want” and Beyoncé has always been best about delivering to us what we didn’t know we wanted AND needed. With that in mind, the overall theme of this week’s pod is about what to know and when not to know. 

Tiffany Haddish is figuring that out right now. In her THR profile released last week, Tiffany talks about money, how her rate has changed, how her management has NOT changed. And why she has resisted the poaching attempts to change it. These are the decisions that come with success – in any industry, any time a new set of opportunities is presented, and how that can change your relationship to the way you work. This is the article about Instagram influencers that we reference during this part of the conversation. 

All of this, of course, for Tiffany, has happened in the last year, since the release of Girls Trip, the blockbuster comedy of 2017. This year, another blockbuster, with an all-female cast, is also doing well at the box office. And while nobody is here to sh-t on Ocean’s 8, Amanda Hess’s piece on “The Trouble With Hollywood’s Gender Flips” last week got us thinking about what was missing in Ocean’s 8 and why simply centering a story around women may not be enough. 

Finally, Tracee Ellis Ross should have her own roundtable because we love so much what she said during The Hollywood Reporter’s TV actress roundtable recently. Here is a clinic on the work of knowing but on when good work can also be NOT knowing, actively NOT knowing, and how NOT knowing can be an advantage. It’s really smart work strategy that’s applicable not just in Hollywood. 

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