You know how every year all the dictionaries name their “word of the year”? Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year last year was “climate emergency” which, technically, is two words but I’m not here to pick a fight with Oxford. This year Oxford couldn’t decide on one word so they gave us a whole bunch of them. I looked it over and yes, of course, “lockdown”, “social distancing”, “Black Lives Matter”, “mail-in”, and the others for sure should be on the list. But I think one word is missing:



There was a LOT of anxiety about pussy this year, specifically “Wet Ass Pussy”, the name of the song by Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion. As Cardi said herself, this was a song that got people upset on Fox News, and had Twitter cheering, and women dripping, and “grandma popping her all pussy over TikTok”. 


For this reason, Billboard has named Cardi B their Woman of the Year. But for Cardi, it hasn’t just been this year. For Cardi it’s been a few years. She’s been doing the work of “WAP”, because “WAP” is more than just a song that you can or can’t play on the radio, and it’s everything that art should be. On this episode, Duana and I say “pussy” a lot. And we talk about the work of Cardi B…and her pussy. 

We also talk about Cazzie David and her book. At this point, you may know her better as Larry David’s daughter and Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriend right before he dated Ariana Grande. Cazzie knows too that that’s how you know her. In a recent interview with the LA Times she talks about being aware that that’s how people identity her, her anxiety about writing, and writing this book – and calling the thing you’re about to say about her before you have a chance to do it. What are our expectations for Cazzie David if we think we already know the story? 

And finally…

The holidays and work commitments – this is probably a common dilemma for everyone trying to navigate work spaces safely but also maintain relationships. How do we get around this? 

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