Dear Gossips,  

When Silk Sonic’s “Leave the Door Open” came out just over a year ago, it set the tone for what the combination of Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars was all about. As I posted last March, this has been the most delightfully hilarious and extra pairing. Of course, they’re jamming together, and finding all kinds of grooves, and musically in sync and delivering the smoothest, funkiest sounds, but they’re also having the best f-cking time. They’re laughing the whole time. The song itself is a seduction delivered in a joke. So their performance of it, and that includes when they win for it, is also comedy. 


Every time they did this last night at the Grammys – and it was MANY times – I cried: 

How can you not? Anderson and Bruno showed up to the Grammys and swept every category they were nominated in so by the end, well, it was pointless to pretend that they weren’t feeling themselves all the way through: 


And you have to be really, really special, and really, really entertaining to go up there and flex like that and…nobody is mad, right? 

Why you mad? Fix ya face!

There is no mad here. Not when you’re looking at Anderson’s face, and that wonderfully irresistible smile, wide open and mischievous, enhanced by that amazing wig, LOL forever. Then there’s Bruno, lighting up a cigarette on stage, pure 70s energy which, by the way, works with the whole Silk Sonic vibe. Now before the Karens come for me, remember, smoking is bad, kids, don’t do it. 

But isn’t this what award show appearances and acceptance speeches should be? Make it a full-service performance, on and off stage. Not just when you’re actually singing but every time the camera is on you, give us what you got. That said, between the two of them, there’s a lot more charisma and chemistry than most. 


More Grammys coverage on the way. 

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