Simu Liu presented at the ESPY Awards last night and he walked the carpet with Jade Bender from Senior Year, making their relationship official. 


There have been rumours about Simu and Jade for a few weeks now after they were seen together a couple of times over the last month or so. Here they are out for dinner back in June: 

Simu Liu out for dinner with Jade Bender in West Hollywood, June 19, 2022

Since Shang-Chi made him a star last September, Simu’s been checking off box after box on the fame path. He’s front row at sporting events. He’s hosted Saturday Night Live. He’s invited to all major award shows, including the Oscars. He went to the Met Gala. He wears custom designer everything. He has a crew of celebrity friends. He’s written a memoir. There’s speculation about his love life. And now he and Jade are red carpet official. I love that for him. They’re gorgeous together. 

That said… 

Still not Instagram official. Usually it’s the other way around – IG official before RC official. Is IG official *more* serious than RC official these days, for this generation?