Dear Gossips,  

Law Roach announced his retirement last week – and did not go off into the sunset. As he says, he’s out of the celebrity styling game but he’s still very much in fashion. Which is why since making his decision, he’s been as visible as ever, almost like he’s on a retirement tour. 


Last week he walked in the BOSS fashion show. Then there was that extensive interview with The Cut. And also Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, where he elaborated further on his relationship with Zendaya, explaining once again that she’s fully supportive of his choice and that since they came up together, their bond is unshakable. Also last night he showed up at the inaugural US Fashion Trust awards where he was a juror. Up to this point it’s always been Law creating red carpet looks for other people. Now it’s Law on the carpet as the main character, creating looks for himself. And this is a great look – a long Gucci coat worn over a crisp white shirt and boots. 


As for Zendaya, social media was talking about an accessory the other day but it’s not fashion related. Her nail artist in London, Marina Dobyk, posted a shot to IG stories of a fresh manicure and the person was wearing a gold ring with the initials “TH” on it: 

It was then pointed out that Tom always seems to wear pants with a “Z” on the corner of one of the back pockets. 


And that they are constantly doing the name/initial exchange thing: 

Like the rest of the internet… I stan. They are just too cute. Look at them. How can anyone resist? 

Yours in gossip,