Dear Gossips,   

Welcome back to those of you in the US after American Thanksgiving. We were posting yesterday so please scroll down to get caught up. 


It’s now November 25th, exactly a month from Christmas and the Queen of Christmas (in culture if not in copyright) was at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade yesterday, closing out the show and kicking off the one-month countdown by performing the song that has made her immortal, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. Mimi was joined by dembabies, Monroe and Moroccan, and she wore a tiara and 80 carats of diamonds and a red mermaid dress and lip-synched, which some people took exception to. 

To those people I say…

The girl had to hold onto her umbrella, OK? And walk herself to stage – how much more energy do you expect her to have? Also, there are so many technical challenges for an event like this, with that much equipment involved, and you’re out on the street, and the size of the crowds…if I were a producer, I don’t know that I would want that headache either. And besides, we have other things to concern ourselves with. 


Like this: Mimi on the cover of W Magazine’s new holiday issue!

First of all, part of the interview happened while Mimi was in the bathtub. This is always how I want my Elusive Butterfly Chanteuse to be doing interviews. And she was up for any question, except for The One Question She Will Never Answer: how old are you? LOL FOREVER. 

As Mimi has always said, she is eternally 12 years old. Because: 

“I don’t acknowledge time. I don’t know her.”


So even though it’s the 25th anniversary of “Butterfly”, she says she’s celebrating the 25th MINUTE of it. Seriously, the whole thing is a scream and you have to read it to set you in the mood, for the weekend and for the season. 


As Mimi would say, it’s really time. 


Also she was lit last night and apparently needed those “anointed greens”. 

Are they still doing Drunk History? I feel like we need a Mariah Carey episode. 

Yours in gossip,