Uncharted opens in three weeks, and tickets go on sale this weekend, so Sony is here with a final trailer to try and convince people that THIS is the movie that will break the video game curse. 


Tom Holland is currently the reigning box office champ, so maybe? And it’s not like COVID or Omicron fears are slowing down Spider-Man: No Way Home’s box office, it’s closing in on $1.7 billion worldwide, and is the sixth highest grossing film of all time. While it has mostly strangled everything else in theaters right now, Scream managed to overperform with nearly $90 million in the bank. I don’t expect Uncharted to repeat the otherworldly success of Spider-Man, because that’s the third film in a popular franchise featuring a beloved character honoring every other version of said beloved character. It has a pop cultural weight Uncharted does not have. But I bet Uncharted does well enough for the box office rebound to continue building momentum.


As for the movie itself, it continues to look fine. My favorite bit of this trailer is the cat at the end. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg seem to have decent screen chemistry that will hopefully power the movie, because the action is not doing it for me. Angry gamers have emailed to inform me that the airplane cargo sequence I made fun of is taken from the games, and yeah, I know. I, too, have played Uncharted 3. It still looks stupid on screen. Not everything in a video game is going to translate to film, they are different mediums. Also, I continue to wonder what the appeal of adapting game challenges into action sequences is, because the appeal of a game is that you control it, and here we have a game challenge with no player control. You’ve made something engaging, passive. Congratulations?