Robert Pattinson spent much of last year, when quarantine wasn’t in effect, shooting The Batman. It’s now been almost two years since RP was officially confirmed as Bruce Wayne, and we’re now inside a year until we see him as Bruce Wayne; The Batman is currently scheduled for release March 4, 2022. They’re currently in post now and since things seem to be opening up in the United States, it seems like this is realistic? More realistic than some of the other reschedules we’ve seen come and go? 


Anyway, now that he’s presumably done with shooting, here’s Robert Pattinson in Notting Hill this week with Suki Waterhouse. Been a while since they’ve been photographed together. I feel like it might be the first time this year, certainly the first time we’ve posted it on this site. 

So it’s an update, for those of you who’ve been trying to keep up, RP and Suki are still a thing. Although there was a sign a few days ago because she posted a shot of herself on Instagram: 

If you zoom in on the background, there’s a framed photo of Suki and RP and they appear to be kissing. So it’s all good. Vaccinations have been happening for several weeks now in the UK and things are opening up so… they made it through the pandemic.