Stella McCartney always has a huge presence at the MET Gala. She’s there as a designer, of course, but beyond that, Stella is exactly Anna’s kind of person (famous parents, British, wealthy). And Stella attracts a very A-list crowd. In the past she’s dressed Madonna, Cara Delevingne, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz. Super A-list. This year was no different – she showed up with bookmark blondes, Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts. (Kate was dressed by Stella at her first Met Gala in 2003.)

Here I am supposed to rail on the theme of the night and how they did not follow it one bit. But why would we expect Kate Hudson to show up anywhere looking anything but People’s Choice Awards ready? Kate will never be experimental or avant-garde. As for Naomi Watts… I can’t recall a single red carpet outfit she’s ever worn.

This is how this went down: everyone knew they were going to look pretty and not too weird. So Kate chose a white dress (she always favours a pale colour) and probably thought this one-shoulder cut could pass as structural. Naomi went for a black dress with a plunging neckline and I guess the fabric holding the neckline together, some kind of delicate chainlink, is supposed to pass as texture. Then Kate decided to get WILD and dye her hair white. But, in certain light, it still looks blonde at the roots, so I guess this is just a spray that will wash out. Between the three of them, Stella actually has the most semi-interesting design. The peplum is tired but I think she’s wearing pants? It looks like it in some shots.

We managed our expectations here though, right? We weren’t waiting for Naomi or Kate to shut it down. Kate is not wearing a version of a nude dress, which is the most we could hope for.

As for Stella… she will always be invited to the MET Gala. She’s Anna’s people. And the most interesting event that will ever come out of her stable of guests has already happened. In 2011, in the thick of the Madonna and Gwyneth break-up, Madonna was asked about her Stella McCartney dress and she said, “I feel fat.” This moment in gossip is brought to you by MET Gala nostalgia