Talking Man Stephen Amell first opened his mouth and showed his ass re: the SAG-AFTRA strike, calling it “myopic” and “reductive”, two weeks ago. Then, on Friday, August 11, Stephen Amell was seen picketing on behalf of SAG-AFTRA for the first time since the strike began on July 13, nearly 30 entire days into the actors’ strike. It’s a coincidence, I’m sure! These are totally unrelated points on the timeline! Amell was joined on the picket line by his wife, Cassandra Jean, who is most known for vehemently objecting to a haircut


Amell picketed in New York, but it is worth noting that on August 11, there was an Arrow-themed picket outside the Warner Brothers’ lot in Los Angeles which reunited actors and writers from the Arrow-verse. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason why the Green Arrow himself couldn’t be there for that picket, but it is interesting to note. I mean, Lil Sebastian descended from horsey heaven to support his castmates at a Parks & Rec picket.

Aubrey PLaza on strike 

But Stephen Amell can’t take a flight one day earlier? 

Again, I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason that Amell would clearly be ordered to appear on a picket line and make strong eye contact with the cameraman just so we’re all absolutely, 100% sure it’s him in the “SAG-AFTRA Strong” tee shirt, and he would choose to do so on the opposite side of the country on the exact same day his fellow Arrow alums are gathering in Los Angeles to picket, too. It’s a classic case of coincidence or conspiracy that we can all ponder for the next ten seconds and then go back to our default states of not thinking about Stephen Amell.