Storm Reid went for dinner the other night at Giorgio Baldi and the topic here is her dinner outfit. 

Maybe she was coming straight from a tennis match or a tennis lesson and things got late so she didn’t have time to go home and shower. Or maybe there was no match, no lesson, this was just the outfit she wanted to wear to dinner. Which…why not?!


This is cute! The vest is classic. The skirt is classic. If it’s a one-piece, even better. And it has to be comfortable, probably a lot more comfortable than a non-tennis dress that people typically wear to dinner. It’s breathable for sure. And allows movement which, for me, means the movement of expansion of my stomach as I eat all the food. Why should tennis clothing only be worn at tennis, right?

No, but seriously, why? I’m asking because a lot of what I wear to play golf, certainly the skirts, are actually tennis clothes. Golf clothes that are meant to be golf clothes for women are ugly. Which is why every piece of golf clothing I own is non-golf. Like tennis dresses, skirts, or sometimes bowling tops, or other athleisure pieces that can be repurposed for golf. And the outfits are good! So good that I wish they could be seen off the golf course, haha. Let me show you the latest golf outfit I just put together. This top: 

My latest golf outfit

With this tennis skirt:

My latest golf outfit

Perfect fall golf colours, right? And perfect for dinner too!

So can we make this ok? Can we wear our tennis and golf clothes when we don’t play? My dream is to design a line of golf clothing. I play. I know what works on function and fashion. Someone hire me!