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They couldn’t make it any clearer. The new Stranger Things season two trailer, unveiled at Comic-Con, features Michael Jackson’s Thriller, particularly Vincent Price’s creepy narration. The first season leaned on a Spielbergian tone, invoking Close Encounters and E.T. and Poltergeist, and playing on the real-world 1980s trope of Missing Children. But the second season is going in a more Stephen King direction, with more outright horror elements, and a small town where Nothing Is As It Seems. I’m going to watch this because we’re ALL going to watch this, but man I hope season two relies less on nostalgia and more on actual, earned emotion. Reminding me of stuff I’ve seen in movies is a gimmick, not an actual storytelling device.

But the quality control from filmmakers The Duffer Brothers remains HIGH. Stranger Things is one of the best-looking shows Netflix—or anyone—has put out in recent memory, and season two physically looks even better. (Someone got a budget increase.) The trailer makes sure to hit all the highlights—the boys being nerds, the Upside Down and its giant squid monster, Chief Hopper, hysterical Winona Ryder, the Nancy-Jonathan-Steve triangle, and Eleven, reserved only for a teasing glimpse at the end. It looks like the Upside Down is expanding, and I am SO GLAD to see the kids covering their mouths while poking around in it, with those mold spores flying everywhere. Also check out their Ghostbusters Halloween costumes—at least one of those kids definitely grew up to post angry rants on the internet about the 2016 reboot.

You know who’s not in the trailer? BARB. BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD. During the Hall H panel, actress Shannon Purser popped out of the crowd to ask if Barb would be in season two and the answer was “no”. I would like to pop out of the crowd to ask when the f*ck we can stop pretending to care about Barb. She barely counts as a real character—she’s there to get fridged so Nancy can grow as a character herself. Here’s hoping season two gives the internet something else to latch onto and we can end this Barb charade.

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