Dear Gossips,

What I missed the other day is that Sylvester Stallone announced on Instagram that he’ll be directing and producing Creed 2.

Creed was co-written and directed by Ryan Coogler. Ryan’s schedule, as you can imagine, being that he’s a few months out from the release of only the most anticipated movie of 2018, Black Panther, obviously can’t accommodate the Creed sequel in time for when they want to begin production. His next project is once again a collaboration with Michael B Jordan on a film called Wrong Answer from a script written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Sly is not an inexperienced director. And he’s certainly not inexperienced where the Rocky franchise is concerned. In a way, then, it makes sense to have him in the role. That said, the reason Creed worked is because it was made with a specific vision, with a specific voice, giving us a new boxer, from another world, to care about. Ryan Coogler understood the impact that his story would have – not only by casting  a black man in an updated version of an American hero but also giving us a portrait of black love. This is the work that Sly Stallone will be expected to continue. And already there’s been speculation that he plans to bring back Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago. Rocky is Adonis’s coach. Is Ivan Drago going to coach Adonis’s next opponent? Is that really the answer?

I want to be optimistic. So, optimistically, I am hoping that Sly will build a team around him that understands what made Creed a success, why it was able to reach its previous audience and its new audience the way it did, to help him take the narrative forward.

Attached – Michael B Jordan at an event in LA last week.

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