The Suicide Squad is this summer’s next summer blockbuster so the premiere in LA last night was a major red carpet, considering this is an ensemble movie, about superheroes, or villains rather, and it’s been a year of lockdown, and given the surge in new infections with the variants, you never know whether or not there will be more lockdowns. Especially since in LA the cases are going up – and hospitalisations are going up among those who are NOT vaccinated. Get your shots, people! 


Anyway, to go back to The Suicide Squad and the premiere, this is where Taika Waititi and Rita Ora made their official red carpet debut, which may well be Rita’s biggest red carpet moment, for a movie she’s not in. But Taika Waititi is a gold star name and the fact that they’re now together…

Is it actually an ideal match? Like on personality? 

Because they both LOVE the attention. This is not a case of one celebrity being thirstier than the other. Taika Waititi is no wallflower. He’s not running for cover, shirking the spotlight. When the spotlight is on, he’s happily standing in it. And now he’s got a partner.