Just in case you forgot, Sasha used to be Tara Reid’s personal assistant. She doesn’t talk about it like it was a career highlight. But one of the highlights of my life is hearing her talk about all the bullsh-t that she had to deal with when she was managing Tara Reid’s life. I haven’t seen Sasha yet today because we are all over the place covering TIFF, on different assignments. But I’m pretty sure this might become her favourite movie. (Dlisted) 

The Emmys are 6 days away. And, as you know, The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the strongest contenders for Best Drama. Is Alexis Bledel a sign that the Television Academy will be heavily favouring Handmaid’s? Or will they be spreading the recognition around, awarding Handmaid’s in certain categories but holding it back from the biggest one? However it turns out, Alexis is having the best week. She just made history. (Jezebel) 

I was supposed to interview Ellen Page on Saturday night at the TIFF premiere of The Cured but they cancelled the red carpet and turned it into a photo call only. Which was a bummer because I love her and it’s been a minute. Also, I really wanted to see this outfit in person. I like the length of the jacket, I like the fit of the pants. And the white tie is so steezy. Oh and, yeah, seeing her with her girlfriend would have been cool too.  (Just Jared) 

Oh Jesus. I forgot that there’s still one more (or is it two?) Fifty Shades movies. A teaser for the next one has been released. And… who’s paying attention? You’d think it would be getting a lot more attention. But this is a deflated franchise. Which is an apt word. Because if we could get more sex and male finish from these movies, maybe we’d be more excited. Instead, our Fifty Shades sex is being accompanied by some kind of stalker story. WHO NEEDS THIS PLOT IN A MOVIE THAT WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO MAKE US HORNY? (Cele|bitchy) 

I f-cking love it so much that Tracee Ellis-Ross is becoming a fashion week regular – in Paris and in New York. This outfit is fire on her. Specifically because of the leather pants. I’ll take this as an appetizer for what we’ll see from her at the Emmys on Sunday. She’s marked down as a very possible Best Dressed of the night. The only question is who will get to write about her. Because I have a feeling that Duana, Kathleen, and I will all be fighting over that assignment. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jared Leto was at NY Fashion Week and dressed like Jared Leto. It was exasperating. Both because of what he was wearing and his dumbass response to someone asking him about how extra he is when it comes to fashion. It’s basically his outfits…but in words. That said, there’s a part here that the quote he gives about expression and style and WHAT ARE YOU WEARING needs to be sent to Blake Lively. (Vanity Fair)