Taron Egerton is currently promoting Robin Hood. This movie was shot a while ago. The release date was pushed back at least once. There were all kinds of rumours about production being a mess. I’m not sure how it’s going to do a week after Fantastic Beasts and up against Ralph Breaks the Internet but I’m going to see it even if it will probably be sh-t because Taron looks super hot in it and I’m quite attracted to him. 

Even though he’s supposed to be on press for Robin Hood, most of the headlines about Taron lately are Elton John related. He just wrapped on the film, due out next spring, and everyone’s asking him about singing, and playing a legend, and there’s also been some speculation about whether or not he’s gay. It started on Instagram with this photo:


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And then replying to someone who asked what the person’s name was with “he’s mine”. And after that liking a comment from someone asking if he’s gay. Which of course got many members of the LGBTQ community quite excited. Did he just come out? Did playing Elton free him to be open about his sexuality? Is he fluid?

Taron met up with Sofia Boutella last night for dinner. They’ve known each other a while. Since the first Kingsman movie at least. So probably there is nothing romantic happening here. Even though I’m seeing a lot of romance in the way he’s looking at her here. I would like for him to look at me the way he’s looking at her. Like he’s indulging her. Like he can’t get enough of her. 

Is it just me?


Here’s what he posted about meeting up with her:


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Boy, you are NOT saying a woman is “slightly less beautiful” ever if it’s a thing between you, unless you’re an idiot. I don’t think Taron is an idiot. 

As for whether or not he’s gay, Kathleen has told this story before so here’s my take: 

Taron came on The Social a couple of years ago when he and Hugh Jackman were promoting the Eddie the Eagle movie. They were great guests, super fun. I was wearing a pink dress that day, very feminine, not at all like the usual man-repeller sh-t I normally have on. After the interview, Taron and I walked off the stage together and talked as we headed up the stairs to go back to the green room. It’s true - as Kathleen has said, there was some eye twinkling, I felt it, the heat. And later on, apparently he asked about me. 

That was three years ago. Three years ago he was attracted to women. He may now also be attracted to men too. And sharing it. And not making a big deal of it, normalising it. Which is sexy. And cool. And I really want his hair to grow out soon. Because he’s so much hotter when he has some.