Everyone in Toronto is buzzing about this this morning. As I mentioned the other day, DeuxMoi posted a tip about Taylor Swift: that she will perform ten shows in Toronto at Rogers Centre in November 2024, an extension of The Eras tour. The person who sent in the tip also said that the announcement would come on August 3-ish. 


Today is August 3, and it happens to be the five-year anniversary of the last time Taylor was on tour in Toronto for Reputation. We all know Taylor loves dates and anniversaries and bringing things full circle. 


But also, there’s this:

Breakfast Television is owned by Rogers which also owns Rogers Centre. So a lot of people think this is all lining up. The fact that The Eras hasn’t stopped in Canada has been a topic of conversation for a lot of people, including our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau… although he has other, much more pressing, issues he’s dealing with this week. 

Still, Taylor skipping Canada (at least so far) has generated so much noise here in Canada that the leader of our government and other politicians have gone on the record to appeal to her. 

Could today be the day that she finally adds Canada to The Eras tour? More on this later when Breakfast Television makes their announcement.