As we’ve been seeing over the last few months, after supporting Travis Kelce in Buffalo on Sunday when Kansas City won over the Bills to advance to the AFC Championship, Taylor Swift was back in New York and seen out for dinner last night, right on mid-week schedule. 


This has been the routine: she shows up for him on the weekends for the games, and presumably spends time with him immediately afterwards, but returns to New York on the weekdays to handle her own sh-t and hang with the girls. Taylor was joined by Cara Delevingne, who was also in Buffalo, and Brittany Mahomes, whose husband Patrick is, like Travis, obviously focusing on practice and training. 


Brittany, at this point, must be getting pretty familiar with Taylor’s NYC apartment since, I’m assuming, that’s where she stays when she’s in the city with Taylor. I’m saying this because I’m so curious about the packing. I’m on the road right now, having left Toronto for New York last Friday, and then New York to London on Sunday, and back to Toronto today. It’s only a five day trip but I packed my biggest suitcase because of all the different events and I’m wondering if it was the same for Brittany as she would have gone from KC to Buffalo and then Buffalo to NYC with Taylor where, I’m guessing, she’ll be until Sunday when KC plays in Baltimore. 

And then, no matter what the result, it’ll be back to KC. It’s obviously easier for them since they’re travelling on Taylor’s jet, but that’s a level of generosity, too, that Taylor’s been extending to her squad, guaranteeing drop-offs from one city to the next… by private plane. When you’re city-hopping on the PJ, though, do you pack even more? It’s one thing for me to be dragging my sh-t up and down the Heathrow Express and it’s entirely another when you’re just going from SUV to the aircraft. 


Anyway, as you can see, the outfit on Taylor last night is reputation-coded which of course her fans would have clocked right away and just as Taylor Nation was sending them into another decoding frenzy. 


“Secretsss” is a pretty obvious Easter egg though, right? The slithering sounds of the symbol of that album: the snake…reputation (Taylor’s Version) is coming soon? Maybe just in time for the next leg of The Eras tour which kicks off in exactly two weeks from today in Tokyo? 

Taylor is playing four consecutive shows at the Tokyo Dome heading into Super Bowl weekend. With the time difference, though, she could perform in Tokyo on Saturday 10 February and, in theory, make it to Vegas for the big game… IF, of course, KC can actually beat Baltimore this weekend. That would be some f-cked up jet lag though because she’d basically have to turn right back around and get to Australia but, again, Travis and his team have to win first before any of that speculation even comes into play. 

Let’s instead focus on the other rumours about TNT this week. Because two weeks ago it was all kinds of engagement speculation. But last week it seemed like people were trying to pump the breaks on an engagement and hinting that maybe Taylor and Travis weren’t as solid as everyone thought they were. That was TMZ and Page Six. 


And now this week, ET Online is saying that “they’ve discussed their future as a couple”, according to a source who told them that: 

"Taylor and Travis are doing really well. They try to spend as much time as they can together. Travis also makes it a point to make sure Taylor feels as comfortable as possible at his home. They have discussed their future as a couple and are excited at the idea of it. Right now, Travis is focused on Valentine's Day and wants to do something fun and special for Taylor." 

As I have said, I put more stock in Entertainment Tonight because this is the outlet that was first with the exclusive last year that Taylor and Joe Alwyn were over. And the other reason this sounds more believable to me is because it’s kind of a nothingburger of a story – enough to make a headline but not really giving away too much about what the situation really is.


We already know they try to spend time together, we’ve been on the sidelines of their weekly schedule for months. And it’s not unusual for any couple that’s been together for half a year or so to talk about the days ahead. Same goes for Valentine’s Day, although sure, if you want to run away with that and theorise that he’s planning to propose on Valentine’s Day, go ahead, but I would prefer it if my favourite rom-com wasn’t so generic. That’s the most basic bitch of rom-com moves, LOL. 

The bigger picture here is that there is neither an engagement imminent nor is there a breakup that’s brewing. Let them just exist in the status quo, ffs. I don’t know how many times I have to say this but stop rushing the story development. We’re not even at the end of season one – and don’t we want this to go at least multiple seasons? 

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