Taylor Swift and Matty Healy went public with their relationship last weekend in Nashville as he joined her on tour, attending all three shows after flying straight in after his own show from the Philippines. Now the two are in New York and according to Page Six, were seen “cuddling and kissing” while out for dinner and drinks with Jack Antonoff.


A photo of Taylor and Matty holding hands was also shared on social media: 

Taylor will perform three shows in Philadelphia this weekend. Then she has an almost three week tour break before resuming in Chicago on June 2nd. 


The 1975 also happens to be on a tour break until the end of the month. So he got on a plane immediately to see her after wrapping up his concert last week, and presumably they’ll spend their free time together over the next few weeks. And it’ll be interesting to see the impact of her fame and power on his reputation. 

Because Matty Healy is not without his controversies. We don’t even have to go back that far. Like, sure, you can make the argument that he’s grown and evolved after some of the sh-t he was doing in his early 20s on social media. I, too, said a lot of horrible things in the early days of this blog in the 2000s that I’m trying to take accountability for. But Matty was just called out in January for doing a Nazi salute and again three months ago for some f-ckery on a podcast. 


Pitchfork summarises the situation here:

“During the show, Healy admitted to sending an unreturned direct message to Ice Spice. As a result, Healy and Adam Friedland explained to co-host Nick Mullen who Ice Spice is, which led to Mullen calling the rapper an “Inuit Spice Girl” and a “chubby Chinese lady” before he and Friedland imitated her imagined accent, based on their perception of her racial background. Healy egged on the hosts as they imitated Chinese and Hawaiian accents. Later in the podcast, Healy laughed as Friedland and Mullen imitated Japanese accents.”

Last month Matty apologised, kind of/sort of and vaguely, for his behaviour while on stage. And by apologise, I mean he did not specify what he was apologising for and made it all about himself. Now he’s Taylor Swift’s boyfriend… 

Coincidence or conspiracy? Like is she volunteering to clean up his image? Will it work? There are many Swifties who are super upset about this, they are not here for this romance. But we’re only a week in. This is a test of Taylor Swift’s influence but maybe also a test of the public’s influence on her. How much will she care about his effect on her reputation?