Do you have any home reno plans this year? We had to put off our reno plans last year because Jacek went through a low luck streak. Ma says this year is free and clear though so there’s a sh-tload of work to do in the basement – new bathroom, new carpeting, new tiling in the mudroom. It seemed like a lot ….until I put it into multi-millionaire perspective. Taylor Swift isn’t jut redoing a basement. She’s redoing AN ENTIRE BLOCK. In NEW YORK! (Dlisted) 

A teachable moment for your children, from Gisele Bundchen. Gisele and Tom Brady’s kids were, understandably, upset when their dad didn’t win the Super Bowl. So Gisele told them that dad already has won a lot of Super Bowls. And we could have stopped there. This would be the lesson of the definition of the word “Enough”, a word I wasn’t sure that Tom Brady understands. But then… Gisele kept going. And, well, way to acknowledge the other team’s effort, you know? (Cele|bitchy)  

Kathleen and many, many other people refer to him as Michael Bae Jordan. This, obviously, is not what the “B” stands for. The “B” was actually, originally, an “A”. And the real “B” is lot better than the “Bae”. Today we interviewed Danai Gurira on The Social. She said she sat beside MBJ at the screening last week and squeezed his leg during the exciting parts – which is basically the whole movie. I sat beside Danai and almost squeezed her the way she squeezed him. Two degrees! (Pop Sugar) 

Seriously. Whoever does the marketing for Deadpool should be headhunted, if s/he’s not already. Everyone needs this person on their team. The posters, the tweets, the messaging, it’s all been so clever, from the first movie and now to the second movie. I love this poster. (Pajiba) 

OK now I feel bad. Imagine not winning the Super Bowl, and you even scored a touchdown during the game. Then you go home…and you find out that someone’s robbed you. (TMZ) 

People are still trying to solve the mystery of Justin Timberlake’s Prince “tribute” at the Super Bowl. Was there a hologram originally planned? Was it scrapped at the last minute? None of the answers so far have been outright denials. But I think this is the wrong question. The right question would be: HOW.DARE.YOU. How about that? Can someone please ask him that? (Vulture)