Taylor Swift’s socials have been updated for the third day in a row. Previously on Taylor Snake Watch, we saw the tail and then the Snake coiling in over itself. But we’ve yet to see her head. It is now time for the Snake Head. You ready?

This is not a passive Snake. She is an aggressive Snake. She’s a Snake showing you her full face. Which is new for Taylor because she used to be a Snake masquerading as a dove, one of those people who tried to trick the Sorting Hat into putting them in Gryffindor when, really, they’re Slytherin to the core. Eventually, though, there comes a moment of liberation. Does this mean that Taylor’s self-liberated her own Snake-ness?

Variety reported yesterday that whatever she’s teasing will drop on Friday:

The wait is almost over: Taylor Swift is expected to release new music on Friday, according to multiple sources. The superstar is set to debut the first single from her upcoming sixth album, although she could surprise everyone and drop the entire album itself.

That’s consistent with the timeline I wrote about on Monday. A Friday delivery would mean that she hopes we’ll be consuming the new material all weekend. Until Sunday night, of course, and Game Of Thrones. Oh, and also the VMAs. It builds in 48 hours before the VMAs – and some kind of follow-up during the show? I mean, sure, right now it’s all speculation. She could very well not show up at the VMAs at all. But it can’t be a coincidence that she’s doing this in the days leading up to the VMAs, the very week before the VMAs, hosted by Katy Perry. So that even if she doesn’t actually appear in person, she’s making a point that she’s THERE even when she’s not there. Because, with four days to go until the show, look who we’ve been talking about – and who we HAVEN’T been talking about.