Dear Gossips,

You have your special glasses ready? Or did you make a pinhole? The total solar eclipse is happening at some point today, depending on where you live. And also, on a cruise ship called the Oasis of the Seas, Bonnie Tyler will be performing Total Eclipse Of The Heart just as the moon covers the sun. Seriously. This is what’s happening, no shade (ha). If I could, I’d want to experience that experience. Especially after reading Amanda Petrusich’s hilarious New Yorker profile of the song the other day. Turn around, I only just realised there’s a White Walker in the video.

While we wait for the black out of the sun, (as of post time) the blackout of Taylor Swift is still ongoing. As mentioned Friday, Taylor has deleted her entire online presence, a symbolic preview to what must be a career rebirth, a new era. I wrote on Friday that Taylor has never been more popular than she is right now in terms of goodwill at the conclusion of her court case against former DJ David Mueller. Just yesterday The New York Times published an op-ed “Thank-You To Taylor Swift” which serves as both an acknowledgment of Taylor’s strategic use of her accumulated “capital” to bring awareness to the injustices that sexual assault victims encounter and also a hand-wave to Taylor if she’s paying attention. Even The New York Times wants to get right with Taylor and the power of Taylor for when she’s ready to start talking again.

But when exactly will she start talking again?

Well, the MTV Video Music Awards are happening in 6 days, this coming Sunday August 27th. There’s a rumour circulating that she’ll be the surprise performer. How does Katy Perry feel about this? She’s hosting. Maybe that’s part of the surprise too. That, finally, after all this time, there will be no more Bad Blood. If it’s not the VMAs, it could be four days later as, according to cable schedules, she’s supposed to be on Good Morning America on August 31. Still, I can’t see her singing a new song for the first time on GMA. I feel like she’d want people to be at least familiar with the new song before she gets to GMA. So if all of the above is true, it would mean a new song dropping ahead of the VMAs… like Friday?

That’s the dream if you’re MTV. Because at this point MTV needs her more than she needs them. The lineup for the VMAs, so far, has been pretty underwhelming. Katy Perry and Pink aren’t bringing much excitement. The return of Taylor Swift, however, takes it to a whole new level. That said, can Taylor take on Fire and Ice? Sunday is also the season 7 finale of Game Of Thrones, when all our favourites will be  gathering for a battle royale at King’s Landing. So if Taylor really is coming back during the VMAs, she might want to avoid the 9 o’clock hour.

Yours in gossip,