Not sure how many Taylor Swift posts there will be today because, you know, we could get a rom-com drop at any moment since it’s her birthday but for now, we’ll talk about last night. She was in New York and spent her bday eve with Selena Gomez and Miles and Keleigh Teller. There was no sign of Travis Kelce. 


Taylor’s pre-birthday outfit was a leather trench over Stella McCartney booties. The trench is gorgeous and buttery. The shoes are fine. I just don’t think they belong together. It’s an issue of lengths, even for someone as tall as Taylor. Then again, maybe she has on a miniskirt under that coat and if that’s the case, the look makes more sense. With the coat though on, the boots are cutting off at the wrong spot. 

But enough about the fashion, let’s get back to our favourite show and whether or not Travis will turn up in New York or if she’ll return to Kansas City today to spend her birthday proper with him. Personally I don’t see him taking off for New York – his team just lost two games in a row, and the timing for a quick trip isn’t great. It’s very possible that there was already some kind of romantic private birthday between the two of them that they’ve chosen not to perform for us, HOW DARE THEY. 


It isn’t a bad move though. There’s been so much anticipation about whether or not he’ll show up and make some grand gesture, letting the day come and go, at least where the audience is concerned, takes away the pressure. And, of course, he has a job to focus on, especially since part of the rom-com is actually him and his team winning in her presence. 

So while we wait for whatever or nothing might come later, here’s the photo that went viral last night – another shot from the party that TNT attended after the game on Sunday, this time she’s kissing him and he’s kissing back. 


Or he’s kissing her and she’s kissing him back. 


It’s the sequel to the time she ran across the stage into his waiting arms. And we have video too.


As for the podcast… I haven’t listened to this week’s New Heights yet but so far I don’t see anything in my timeline about Taylor. I do, however, love the way he talked about that lateral and the way he defends Kadarius Toney. I’m sure this kind of content is also working for Swiftie Nation.