Taylor Swift has been very quiet this year so far. Just like she was for most of last year before releasing her album. And even then it was scheduled appearances only and super undercover the rest of the time which we now know she spent falling in love with Joe Alwyn. 

Taylor is currently prepping her reputation world tour which kicks off in May. She’s shared a couple of photos and videos on social media but even that has been pretty limited. Yesterday she posted this video of her cats on Instagram and the most exciting thing about that (no disrespect to cats) is that a photo of her and Selena Gomez shows up in the corner which apparently means they’re still close: 


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E! posted a story yesterday about how Taylor stays out of sight but is actually with Joe a lot in London, flying in on her private jet and hanging out with him at home enjoying Sunday roasts instead of going out in public. 

We do know, however, that Taylor was seen in Big Sur recently: 

These pictures were originally shared on Instagram but have since been taken down by the fan who posted them, presumably because he’s either sold them or could not handle being inundated by everyone asking more questions. The fan was in Big Sur on February 20th. So it’s likely that that’s when he encountered Taylor. And this is important to our investigation because Joe Alwyn’s birthday is February 21. So were they in Big Sur celebrating his birthday together?

Given how serious they are, and how into him she is (according to all the songs about him on the album), and how famously great she is at gift-giving, it’s very possible that this was a romantic birthday getaway during a short break from tour rehearsals. 

That said, there’s another gossip angle here: Big Sur holds big significance for those who believe in #Kaylor. That would be Taylor Swift + Karlie Kloss = True Love. And everything else is just an attempt to hide their love from the world. In 2014, Taylor and Karlie went on a road trip to Big Sur. It was well-documented on Instagram and a legendary moment in their epic story:


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Who has eyeliner that perfect on a road trip!? 

For the #Kaylor truthers out there then, Taylor being in Big Sur last week wasn’t at all about Joe. It was because she and Karlie went back to the place where their love was always real.