Maria asked the other day if the “haircut” was still happening. Taylor Swift’s wearing it on the cover of September Vogue… so…yes? We’ll come back to the hair in a minute. Let’s talk about the overall styling of this cover. 

I love it. I love both of them. 


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They feel like throwbacks, non? Early 80s Vogue throwback. Like from Gia Carangi’s time. The makeup is more subtle but her tweed jacket and that blue jumpsuit could both have been from then. And it’s given Taylor a maturity that works really well for, perhaps because the hair and the fashion walks a fine mom-vibe line, which is the trend now anyway. Mom jeans, right? I don’t know why we denied them for so long. 

The hair, of course, is the cut we’ve been talking about for almost a year now – Duana was one of the first, and many others were inspired by Natasha Lyonne and Russian Doll, and then of course came Daisy Jones. Since I first started posting about Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book, Daisy Jones & The Six, I’ve been wondering whether or not Taylor was working something behind the scenes. I can’t imagine she wouldn’t have heard of it and possibly already read it. The story is about a musician. She says she’s focused on music right now but we’ve seen that she’s made room for acting. And I can’t imagine it’s not something her team wouldn’t have put in front of her, at least as something to think about. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing their jobs. 

Did you read Ariana Grande’s Vogue profile last month? It was mentioned in that piece that “there’s a big acting job she’s hoping to land, though she doesn’t want to jinx it”. My first thought was Daisy Jones – clearly I think about Daisy Jones a lot – and now my fun mind game is who I can see more as Daisy, Taylor or Ariana. You?