Taylor Swift is on The Ellen Show today, her first interview in two years or so. The clips are all over the place – you can find them all here. As we’ve seen, this is accessible Taylor, and it’s supposed to feel like a sharp pivot from reputation Taylor who was offering no explanations. Which is the point she’s been hitting… hard.

But that’s the thing – she’s been hitting it so hard, like she hits all her points hard, that I’m not sure her reputation elusiveness actually qualifies as elusiveness. It’s not like her song lyrics are ever oblique. And it’s not like she wasn’t writing poems and letters and whatever else to accompany the reputation album. And it’s not like it’s even been that long since reputation ended. The tour just ended in November! She’s been around. 

Anyway, whatever, this is not the point of this post. There’s only one part of this interview that I would like to discuss in this post and it’s not what she says about Joe Jonas either. Let’s talk instead about Taylor Swift’s wine preferences. At one point, during the Burning Questions segment with Ellen, she’s asked about a dinner party gift. Or something. I’m not wasting time watching it back – all you need to know is that her answer is “white wine”. And now I’ve discovered my favourite thing about Taylor Swift because I too prefer white wine. Actually, if we’re getting specific (and to be clear, this is a gold, silver, bronze situation because there are no losers here), this is the order of my preference: rosé, white, then red. 

And here come the wine snobs. You know who used to be one of those wine snobs? DUANA. 

Duana used to make a face about white wine. She’s a red wine drinker. In my experience, wine snobs are often red wine drinkers. And whenever you talk to them about white wine, they go all Downton Abbey on you, the way literary snobs look down on YA. Red wine is for the cultured and elegant. White wine is for trash.

Guess what? I am trash. I have a trashy palette. My favourite food is Cheetos. I find new and exciting ways of sprinkling Cheeto dust onto everything I eat. Mashed potatoes are even better when topped with Cheeto dust. I just discovered that Cheeto dust adds something special to meatloaf. You don’t know a cream cheese bagel until you’ve sprinkled it with Cheeto dust. So, yeah, bring me the white wine over the red wine each and every f-cking time…EVEN WITH A STEAK. 

And cheers to you, Taylor Swift. Thank you for advocating for white wine.