So it’s not just me. Yesterday in my post about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s weekend hard-launch in New York, I wrote that these two are giving horny right now… and I’m into it. A lot of other people are into it because the discussion over on The Squawk is now well over a hundred comments so keep hitting that post today to continue the conversation. And, while I’m here, subscribe if you haven’t already. I just posted the part two of my Beckham Squawkback today, aka the OG Taylor and Travis. You think what T&T gave us was PDA? No one does PDA like the Beckhams. 


After two straight days of straight up sex energy, Taylor and Travis were not seen together yesterday. But Travis showed up in Philly with his brother Jason to watch game one of the NLCS. These two are super close, their family is super tight, and it’s a good look for him after all the noise of the weekend to go and kick it with his bro instead of cocooning himself in the lust cave with Taylor (which is what some of us pervs would have preferred, lol). From a public image perspective, it’s good for both of them. Because there’s already been misogyny where these two are concerned – the idol and the athlete, and whatever f-ckery nonsense the dude bros have to say about them. But also, for the Swifties, who we know are deeeeeply invested in Taylor’s love life, and always looking out for their girl to make sure no one is using her for clout (you saw how quickly they took care of Matty Healy), Travis’s is A+ across the board right now with the fandom (with the exception, maybe, of those who are still holding out hope that Taylor and Karlie Kloss are secret lovers). He seems to understand where he is in the hierarchy between them, and is comfortable being positioned there; he remains focused on his job, which is important for someone like Taylor who is the boss of her own empire; he is not losing himself in her spotlight, which suggests that he’s not just out to live off her fame. So far, the rom-com is progressing beautifully. 


And, um, because I’m a old dirty bitch… there’s the heat and height factor. 

You know how yesterday I mentioned the LV boots she was wearing when they went for dinner on Sunday night? 

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce out for dinner in New York, October 15, 2023

As noted, I have these boots in silver. So I know how they wear. Conservatively, they give me at least four and a half inches. I just did the measure function on them on my iPhone and Apple is telling me five inches. Taylor is listed at 5 ft 11. And with those boots on she is STILL shorter than he is. WHY ARE THEY SO TALL?! 

But on that note, when I wrote to Sarah and Emily, our site manager, over email yesterday morning that Travis was manhandling Taylor in the gentlest most consensual way, Sarah brought up that SNL sketch that was cut for time from when he hosted earlier this year. I can’t find a YouTube link for it that works for all territories, but here’s one from Facebook if you haven’t seen it already. 


Taylor is the backpack right now. And the frontback, LOL!

Let me leave you with one final delight, because this sent me when I saw it yesterday and I haven’t stopped laughing.