Joel Edgerton is directing a movie in Atlanta called Boy Erased. What ISN’T shooting in Atlanta right now? Lucas Hedges, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor Oscar last year for his work in Manchester By The Sea, is one of the stars. And also, Joe Alwyn. AKA Taylor Swift’s Gorgeous.

Word is, Taylor and Joe have been pretty inseparable during their so far year-long relationship. This is why she’s been spending so much time in London. She’s become close to Joe’s family. A few weeks ago, when she was making surprise visits to see her British fans, Joe’s younger brother, Patrick, was one of the people who accompanied her.

Taylor’s hosted fan listening sessions for reputation in London and, most recently, at her home in Rhode Island, the site of #Taymerica. At least before she cancelled it. Was this year just an anomaly? Or is #Taymerica gone forever? Did Tom Hiddleston ruin #Taymerica? Anyway, Rhode Island and Atlanta aren’t necessarily close…for us. But when you have a jet, I feel like that’s where you spend your weekends, non?