Taylor Swift just announced today that she’ll be extending her The Eras tour – international dates are now confirmed which means she’ll be on tour for at least another year-plus, all the way to next August where she, at least for now, will wrap it all up with two shows in London. 


Interesting, London. Her last three boyfriends are from London. Imagine what it’ll be like if/when she performs “London Boy” in London? Will there be another “London Boy” by then? 

“London Boy” is off her Lover album, which came out in the summer of 2019. And as I have said many, so many, a lot of many, very many times on this site, and those are all links to prove it, my favourite song off that album, and probably my second favourite if not my all-time favourite Taylor Swift song, period, is “Cruel Summer”. 

“Cruel Summer” is a BOPPPPPPPP. Like “Style” I will never, ever, ever tire of this song. And since she’s been on tour, and performing it live, the song has blown up on social media, TikTok in particular – which is why she made this announcement the other day: 


So basically she and the label want to monetise the popularity … nearly five years later. Which, I mean, OK girl, get yours but also… 

And I talk about this all the time where Taylor’s concerned – does she not have a good picker when it comes to her own music? I mean she’s claiming that “Cruel Summer” was always meant to be a single but then COVID, etc, but … she has a habit of choosing the WORST songs to lead with off an album. The lead single off Lover was “ME!”, a terrible f-cking song. The next single was “You Need To Calm Down”, also not at the level of her strongest tracks. 

WHYYYYYYYY didn’t she ride on the “Cruel Summer” rocket right out the gate? It was summer?!!!? I guess… four summers later? Feels retroactive to me but Taylor says this was always the plan, so “Cruel Summer” is getting the single treatment, which means heavy radio play, and possibly… a video? 


I’m going to have to be that girl here and say that it’s not going to change much for people who’ve been here but for those of you who don’t know, the “Cruel Summer” is coming.