Remember when Brooklyn Beckham became a professional photographer with his own book of photos earlier this year? And… it was like…how is this different from Instagram? Brooklyn could learn a lot from Kimiko Nishimoto. These shots tell a story. Sometimes that story is traumatic. Sometimes it’s badass. Like the one of her on the bike. Others are just f-cking hilarious. Kimiko, artist. (Dlisted) 

Taylor Swift sold a LOT of albums. So now we’re talking about her Grammys chances. Even though reputation isn’t eligible for 2018. Last time she spent a lot of time with recording academy members walking them through the making of 1989, getting as many votes as she could. But if “there’s no explanation, only reputation”, does she approach this Grammy cycle the same way? (Cele|bitchy) 

By the end of this coming weekend, I fully expect many of you to join me in crushing on Timothee Chalamet, the star of Call Me By Your Name. Elio will take over your heart. You will want to say his name over and over again. Elio. Timothee. Elio. Timothee. If you want to get a head start on those feelings, learn more about Timothee. And get ready to lose your mind when you hear him speaking Italian and French and English, seamless, in scene after scene after scene. (Pop Sugar) 

There’s a good old fashioned superhero competition happening in China. Like it’s actually a competition. At the box office? The Avengers > Justice League. In China though, Iron Man and the rest have been taken out by Batman and Superman. Which is probably what Warner Bros was hoping for. But did anyone really believe it could happen? (Pajiba) 

The costume designer working on Matthew McConaughey’s movie must have had a great time putting his wardrobe together. Or maybe they didn’t. Where do you have to go to find outfits like this? Who in real life WEARS outfits like this? (TMZ) 

I can’t watch this without feeling human. Those wails! And is something wrong with my dogs? Whenever I try to Facetime with them, it’s like they don’t see me. Or they don’t give a sh-t. (Mashable)