I see these axe-throwing videos all the time. There are, like, clubs that you can join and bars you can go to where instead of playing pool or darts, you launch an axe at a wall…which I’ve always wanted to try. NOT ANYMORE. This video is terrifying. Like, I can throw. I can’t throw far but I don’t have bad form. That said, I get performance anxiety. So I can totally see myself doing the same – and being permanently injured, Jesus this woman is lucky. (Dlisted) 

Like in almost every other industry, country music has a gender gap and Reba McEntire called it out last night at the ACM Awards. As she said, Nashville is governed by “bro culture”. No kidding. (Jezebel)

Did you see Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds in The Hitman’s Bodyguard a couple of years ago? I liked it. I liked their chemistry. Obviously Sam Jackson is the best at swearing but, you know, Ryan’s not bad at swearing either. Two hours of those two swearing at each other is way better than watching a Mark Wahlberg movie. So, yes, I’m on board for the sequel, which is The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. I’m assuming that’s Salma Hayek? (Just Jared) 
I wrote earlier about the fact that I would love it if we could all talk openly about cosmetic procedures, like for recommendations, the way you’d recommend a new lipstick. Same goes for vibrators? Thandie Newton is saying that every woman should try a good vibrator at least once. I’ve tried several vibrators. My problem is that I can’t get past the sound. Yes, I’m aware that there are silent ones and that I don’t even have to google long to find a long list of them. But which silent one do YOU use. And why? Is it cold? Is it as soft as the pad of my finger? Because I really like my finger. I don’t want a clinical recommendation. I want an, um, tactile recommendation. Can we dig deeper? No pun intended. (Cele|bitchy) 

Kathleen and I have been writing about Cardi B and her fashion game, how she made the jump to high end quicker than most. These outfits aren’t doing much to support our point. Like I’m all for high drama. But it has to look luxe. Luxe is not the word I would use to describe these looks. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Did you watch Kit Harington on SNL this weekend? I appreciated his commitment. He committed to every sketch, every character. To show how committed he was, he shaved his beard. Rose Leslie didn’t seem into it – and neither did the entire internet. Can we talk about his voice when he speaks with an American accent though? Not into that either. (Uproxx)