Terry Crews is busy hosting summer’s number one television series, America’s Got Talent, but in between live tweeting the show every Tuesday night, he’s made the fight against “Black supremacy” his cross to bear. Although nobody asked. 


At the beginning of June, Terry tweeted that defeating white supremacy without white people would lead to Black supremacy. The glaring stupidity behind this statement is that much of the conversation around Black Lives Matter since the killing of George Floyd has been around allyship — white allyship! 

Then last week he belittles the movement by likening it to his own made up hashtag: #BlackLivesBetter. To the ire of Twitter, and the celebration of a few Black Republicans politicians, Terry’s quickly become the Black poster boy for the All Lives Matter side of what really shouldn’t even be an argument. 

Despite all the backlash, Terry said what he said, and he’s keeping the tweets coming. Watching this unfold on Twitter has been like sitting at a Thanksgiving dinner and listening to one of your relatives defend Trump. I’ve just learned to avoid eye contact for the sake of my own mental health.

Terry’s coming from such a different place of privilege to think that Black people are somehow on the brink of oppressing white people, and that he needs to throw on his superhero cape to make sure that doesn’t happen. Career be damned, standing up for this imaginary issue is the hill he’s okay with dying on?


I mean, we kind of knew Terry Crews was trash, right? Remember when he didn’t support Gabrielle Union amid her allegations of a toxic work environment at America’s Got Talent, which included sexism and racism on set. Not only didn’t he not support her, he explicitly discredited her experience.

"That was never my experience,” Terry told the Today show. “In fact, it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment.”

Terry did end up apologizing to Union. He told ET that he realized he was looking at things through a lens of male privilege. So why can’t you see your privilege in this situation, Terry? Yes, you’re a Black man, but you’re also rich, and you’re also famous and judging by your comments over the past month, you’re only seeing the Black Lives Matter movement through a rich and famous lens. 

He never says “All Lives Matter,” but his sentiments are the same. Something about Black people asking not to be killed by police sounded to him like Black people were saying their lives mattered more than white people. 

It’s so disappointing that somebody on Terry Crews’ level, with over a million Twitter followers, on TV’s #1 show every week, would use his platform for this when we still don’t have justice got Breonna Taylor. Tweet about that Terry.