Yesterday in What Else, Lainey mentioned the red outfit Tessa Thompson wore to the MTV Movie and TV Awards. I love it too. A lot. I love it even more after seeing it paired with Lakeith Stanfield’s matching red suit. 

As the kids would say, where were you when Lakeith and Tessa invented the colour red? 

THIS is very smart fashion. Not only do they look great, they’re walking weird and wonderful billboards for their upcoming weird and wonderful Boots Riley film, Sorry to Bother You

I was supposed to go to the Canadian premiere of Sorry to Bother You on Sunday but my body is physically rejecting being home from vacation so I was sick in bed instead. My friends went without me and loved it. I can’t f-cking wait to see this movie. When Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson walked out onto that stage as fire emojis incarnate, I was ready to go back in time, haul my sneezing ass out of bed and get to the theatre. 

That’s how you know a LOOK is working. Am I going to have to get into the tiny sunglasses trend now? If it’s good enough for Tessa…