As mentioned this morning in the site open, we celebrated our 1000th episode of The Social today. And the producers surprised us with a few guests. Remember when you, me, the entire world, we were all obsessed – and are STILL obsessed – with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir at the Olympics? Well they just casually showed up today…and, as you can see, I turned into a total Twi-Hard. The episode is up on our site now

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber might be taking a break? But it’s not that dramatic? Well this is new. Like, really, it’s not that dramatic. Not even close to how dramatic it used to be. They’re supposedly on a break… but they still went to church together. And the only sign that we have that they’re actually on a break is that they didn’t sit together at church. I’m pretty sure this is a gossip first – the first time we’ve signaled a celebrity break by their seating assignment in the congregation. (Dlisted) 

What do you think was the most liked Instagram photo from the Oscars (if you didn’t already know)? I only found out because Pajiba just told me. And I’m surprised…and not surprised. Who is the draw here? I would like to believe that it’s Timothee Chalamet. But I think it might be Ansel Elgort? Because I have a 14-year-old niece. And she’s all about Ansel Elgort. I tried to tell her that he’s, well, a douche. But what I know for sure that will never change is that adult facts can never compete with a teen crush. (Pajiba) 
Do you play baseball? I have to say, I’m good at baseball. This surprised my husband, Jacek. The first time we played baseball he was like, what the f-ck just happened, you made better contact than I did. Alex Rodriguez says he’s sh-t at softball even though he’s a possible future hall-of-famer in baseball. Can you be sh-t at softball when you’re good at baseball? I have a hard time believing this. Even I’m good at softball. (TMZ) 
I don’t hate this outfit on Hailee Steinfeld. I wish it was a different colour but all these elements all together, it doesn’t bother me. That said, it could use a few tweaks. Mostly the boots. I think they’re too high. Even one inch lower to expose more thigh would be better. But if it were me, the boots would have been mid-calf, at most. Probably because I’ve never been a fan of over-the-knee footwear. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Jennifer Lawrence is talking about dick. Specifically that she hasn’t gotten any recently. And that she’s wary of the dick because it can be dangerous. This is a true story. Dick is dangerous for some, emotionally and physiologically. As for the part about getting doctors involved – I’m down for that too. And I think we need to get people sharing their best practice experience on how to broach the conversation, even when it’s just a one night situation. You either carry around a condom or a very recent health check, as in taken the morning before the planned intercourse, although, I suppose, even those can be faked. God. Can you imagine? There are some assholes who might be carrying around fake health checks? (Cele|bitchy) 

I only wear eyeliner, no shadow. And I’m super particular about it. Hate when there’s a tiny gap between your liner and your waterline and you can see skin. I don’t know why people don’t fill it in. It’s now a makeup trend. And you can do it with different colours. Here are some tips for making it work. (Refinery 29)