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Time for one of our favourite holiday traditions here at LaineyGossip: the Gingerbread House throwdown! For those of you who are new to this, click here to browse through the history of this annual event. To recap: my friend LB’s family participates in a gingerbread house competition, producing some of the most amazing gingerbread creations under very specific conditions: 

They all use the same store-bought kit. Everything that’s used to make the gingerbread houses must be edible – not even a toothpick is acceptable. The competition takes place over the course of an entire day at one location with everyone working side by side…and it can go on for HOURS starting in the morning. This year’s marathon lasted until at least midnight. Which means that construction takes place on the spot. Nobody’s making anything in advance. You can’t bring your pre-made sh-t to the game. You do it under pressure, in the presence of your rivals. So if your roof collapses, they can see where they have the advantage – and monitor how you fix the problem. 

For the last eight years, LaineyGossip readers have represented the People’s Choice vote for the Gingerbread House Annual Cup. Please vote using the Twitter poll below after you’ve studied the descriptions and photos of each entry. I’ve embedded one shot of each entry and additional pictures are at the bottom of this post. Please make sure to read the descriptions and examine all photos. They take this very seriously. I take this very seriously. Because I could never do this. And what they manage to come up with year after year is astonishing. Here are the 2019 Gingerbread Houses: 

#1 – “The Toy Shop”
This magical little entry is neatly covered in pastel pez “bricks”, features a roof sign and snow-covered sandwich board made of wafer, and a peppermint stick lamp post. A little fondant figure has his nose and mittens pressed to the glass (gelatin sheets!) and peers inside at the fully furnished interior, complete with an adorable Rice Krispie treat teddy bear, colourful little clown and tiny ca$h register!


#2 – “The Santa Express”
All aboard this festive train station and locomotive! This sizable entry features a snowy Shreddie roof and a chocolate-covered Oreo clock. The train is constructed from a variety of cookies, and chugs along with an overflowing cart of treats and candy Lego brick presents down a crunchy chow mein noodle track. Peppermint sticks adorn the time zone peppermint clock wall. The station is covered in tiny hand-piped icicles and silver dragees.


#3 – “The Lego Gingerbread House”
Taking its inspiration from the Lego gingerbread house set, this impressive entry features a double multi-level Necco wafer roof and a soaring Candy Lego brick and pez fireplace with a roaring melted-and-hand-pulled candy fire. Rainbow pasta corkscrews and bow ties adorn the colourful facade, and pearly white gum balls line the snowy crest of each rooftop.


#4 – “Pipe Dreams”
This tall entry features 6 separate facades and a tiny cottage perched on top. Piping was the focus of this all-white entry, which features a yogurt covered pretzel and pearly gumball fence. Royal icing dots, shells, hearts and stars cover the walls and sanding sugar adds some holiday shine.


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We’ll announce the People’s Choice winner tomorrow! Thank you for continuing to support this tradition!

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