As expected, the British Vogue issue, celebrating ten years of Victoria Beckham, the designer, has been released online. This after a summer of gossip about the state of the Beckham marriage and the fate of the Beckham brand. Which, really, was put to rest several weeks ago as the Beckhams have been together on holiday after holiday but this is the basically the full-stop, period, on the situation. 
What, though, is the situation? Or was the situation? The situation is that one day, seemingly out of nowhere, rumours erupted online that a Beckham divorce announcement was imminent. Imminent as in people on Twitter were saying in the morning that by the afternoon we would hear about it and the Beckhams’ publicist had to issue a statement calling it all off. This happened after Victoria and David showed up at Prince Harry and Royal Meghan’s wedding and Victoria wasn’t smiling (as usual) and seemed to be pissed at David for something.

Seeing these images of the Beckhams, with their kids, in British Vogue, can we consider a possible theory about how all this went down: could it be that this photo shoot happened, and they were reviewing the images somewhere at the magazine, and the shot of Victoria with only the kids was being talked about as a possible cover, and someone jumped to conclusions that this was going to be the Big Statement? Look at me, I’m on my own, surrounded by my children, and I’m going to be OK...?
Remember, when those online rumours started spreading, part of the reason the speculation got so out of control was because members of the British media were saying that they heard it from other members of the media. All because of …

Photo Assumption! Our favourite game of baseless assumptions! Is THAT how all of this started?!?
Victoria is asked about this in the interview. And she says that after 20 years of it, the noise doesn’t get to her and David anymore,  although she does note that their family members, particularly her children, are now online, and that they’ve had to teach them how to let it all slide off of their backs. All of them. And that’s key here. Because she speaks of them, all of them, as a unit. That they, Victoria and David, are stronger together than as individuals - and this has always been the Beckham way. Even when he, um, f-cks up. But the stakes are muuuuuuch higher for him now if he were to f-ck up. And when he used to f-ck up, remember who stood by his side. 

So for all the sh-t that’s been put out there about how David was unhappy with her for showing their kids so much on social media ....since when?!?! These are joint decisions. With the Beckhams, it’s always been “by committee”. Which is what we’re seeing here in Vogue. Full Team Beckham, activated. 


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Full Team Beckham has lately been on holiday with Elton John and David Furnish. And you’ll note, David had his phone out, documenting the kids and all the fun, just as much as Victoria was. Why are we being sold the narrative that she’s IG-obsessed while he’s the “in the moment, no phones” dude? If it’s one thing we’ve seen over the years, it’s that what works between them is that they BOTH need the spotlight. 

So here’s a gift for the worriers, including Maria - a shot of David and Victoria, affectionate, on the yacht. 


At one point, he drops his head onto her body, like he’s kissing her stomach. Click here  to see more photos. Great start to the school season?