Oprah’s doing the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview and now the British press is coming for her. Referring to Oprah as someone who started their career as a “tabloid” talk show host is low. Billionaire is how most people describe Oprah now. But, you know, these people are always telling on themselves. (Cele|bitchy)  


I’m going to watch Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar this weekend with Jacek – Sarah LOVED it (link to yesterday’s review) so I don’t want to waste it on a weeknight when I can pop a gummy and get reall silly on Friday or Saturday. Anyway, in the movie credits at the end, Kristen Wiig thanks “Avi, Luna & Shiloh” so now everyone thinks that’s what she and her husband named their twins – Luna and Shiloh. Sasha thinks this is a troll, that there’s no way KWiig actually chose two of the most famous celebrity baby names out there for her kids. Weigh in! (Dlisted)  

I totally forgot that Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern used to be a thing. I also don’t know if I ever knew that Princess Diana was at the premiere of Jurassic Park. Back to Laura though – it just occurred to me… do you know who has the same energy? Dakota Johnson. There are, of course, on paper background similarities, but also a vibe. Can you see it? (Go Fug Yourself) 


As I mentioned in today’s open, the polar vortex is f-cking sh-t up everywhere but some places are more equipped to handle it than others. Here in Toronto, where I live, heaters are standards, snowplows are standard. And people have a general, basic understanding of what to do in cold weather from experience. I have a friend who lives in Texas – and this is not the case in a state that is NOT built to handle these temperatures, because they’re not normal. People are literally freezing to death. They don’t have the resources or the experience to handle these extreme conditions. Many don’t own winter coats because they don’t normally have need for them. “Hang in there. Warmest vibes” indeed. (Pajiba)  

Over the last couple of weeks, many of us have been having conversations about the culture, and its participants, present company included, failed Britney Spears. Here’s an essay by artist Paco May, who created the previous artwork for the Show Your Work podcast, about how we failed Britney, with a great piece of Britney that captures her in one of her most iconic looks. (Paco May)