Two and a half weeks to go until Avengers: Endgame opens and we find out how they’re going to take out Thanos and reverse the Snap. So the final press push begins. Which is interesting because even though, in theory, we know that most of them will somehow be un-dusted (obviously Spider-Man and Black Panther, at least), as it stands now, half of them are ashes – so how do those 

Avengers show up to promote the movie without having to explain why they’re promoting a movie they may or may not be in? 

There was a press conference this weekend. Here’s how they (sort of) addressed it:


Right. So I guess this is how it’s going to be for the premiere too? Last year around this time when they were promoting Infinity War it was an almost full team assemble (minus Chris Evans who was working on Broadway) – we were so innocent then, we didn’t know what was coming, we didn’t know that so many would have fallen – and now, perhaps, we know why they were acting like it was the final party even though there was still another movie to come. Is it possible that the others won’t show up for the big Hollywood spectacle? Or is it just the press conference that they’re skipping since, well, it’s not like they can actually say anything? 

It doesn’t sound like they said much yesterday. Which is why they ended up talking about Paul Rudd’s 50th birthday.


Paul Rudd at 50 was a conversation on social media this weekend because…no one can believe he’s 50. Convenient that his birthday was on Saturday – it gave them a tangent so that they didn’t have to answer questions about WHAT HAPPENS. The other tangent was Boggle. Apparently the Avengers play it incessantly (like a real clubhouse!) and Brie Larson, Don Cheadle, and Paul Rudd are the best at it and Mark Ruffalo is the worst. Is anyone surprised? 

What surprises me is that they even did this at all. Endgame does not need promotion. The trailers have done enough. The anticipation has been enough. They’re all pros and they’re working for Marvel/Disney, determined to get as much of our money as possible, so of course they’re all out here doing their thing but if the presales are any indication, they’re going to break their own records. They’re going to Hulk smash their own records. More on the Avengers, specifically two of them, in the next post.