The Color Purple doesn’t open until Christmas Day, over a month away, but the fact that the studio is allowing for reactions this early on social media means that they’re confident. And the way people are coming out of the advance screenings right now supports that theory. 


This film is a musical, based on the stage musical, based on the book by Alice Walker. And now that the strike is over and the actors can get out there and promote it, the hype is building. It obviously helps that the people who have seen it appear to be REALLY high on it. So high that it’s sounding more and more like The Color Purple is crashing the Oscar race. 


What a fist-pump moment that would be, if Fantasia Barrino earns at Best Actress nomination. And it’s not just Fantasia, because Taraji P Henson has entered the chat and a lot of people are saying that Danielle Brooks steals the show. And of course there’s Colman Domingo, who many are predicting will be one of the five Best Supporting Actor nominees. 

There’s a lot of power behind the scenes on this project too. Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Quincy Jones are all producers. Which means there will be effort and money and marketing put into this campaign. The Color Purple *should* be a contender for Best Picture so, to go back to what Sarah keeps saying, this is a very, very, VERY competitive year. And everyone is dialing up the efforts as they all get back to work. So let’s not call it for Oppenheimer or Flower Moon or Barbie just yet. Because The Color Purple has something to say, and sing. 


Here's the cast in London today as they begin red and purple carpeting the film around the world. On the fashion front, it’s an excellent start. I love the mixed print look for Taraji, Fantasia is giving popstar energy in the bright blue and tartan, and Danielle is serving drama with the hooded dress at the photo call. 

And then at the screening, it’s feathers and velvet and off-the-shoulder and if this is just the beginning of the tour, I can’t wait to see what The Color Purple team will be bringing by the time they get to Hollywood.