Creed III represents a lot of firsts. Michael B. Jordan’s first time directing. First Rocky movie that doesn’t feature Sylvester Stallone. First time MBJ gets out jaw-acted on screen. Many firsts, some more notable than others. 


The first trailer for Creed III dropped yesterday, coming out of the gate strong with Adonis Creed (MBJ) at the top of his game, secure in his relationship with Bianca (Tessa Thompson), and winning all the time, at least until a blast from his past comes along to shake his foundation. 

Jonathan Majors stars as the new antagonist of the film, Damien Anderson, a childhood friend of Adonis’s who believes Creed has “lived his life” while Damien was in jail. GREAT setup for a Creed movie, this franchise has been about Adonis working through issues rooted in his past all along. This trailer makes it seem like Damien, and whatever happened between them in the past, is the last hurdle Adonis needs to clear.


This trailer is also a Grade A Thirst Trap. I’m sure Creed III is a very dramatic movie with many emotional moments, but it also has MBJ and Jonathan Majors being very shirtless a lot of the time. Big ups to whoever edited this trailer, and to MBJ for casting Majors in the first place. It was a real bold move, to cast someone who jaw-acts better than him, but MBJ has showed us that he loves and cares for us, the people, by delivering unto us an entire movie about him and Jonathan Majors being shirtless and sweaty. And other things, too, I’m sure, but also the thing about shirtless and sweaty hot men on screen for two hours. Adonis and Damien might be fighting for a championship, or whatever, but we’re the real winners here.


Also, 2023 is set to be Jonathan Majors’ big bad year. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania comes out in February, in which Majors debuts as Kang the Conqueror (he’s already played a variant of the character in Loki). Then, Creed III premieres just one month later. In the span of one month, villains played by Major are going to take on Ant-Man (doesn’t seem like a fair fight) and Adonis Creed (it would be very in the spirit of Rocky for Adonis to lose this fight). It’s official: Jonathan Majors is in his villain era.


Attached: Jonathan at the Academy Gala and the Newport Beach Film Festival Honors the other night.