Since Sussexit was confirmed last month, much speculation has focused on whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be able to keep “Sussex Royal” as their brand. Prince Harry will always be a prince. House Sussex, which includes Harry, Meghan, and Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, will always be part of the British royal family. But since they’re no longer “working royals”, and wish to become financially independent, there’s a whole debate over whether or not they can use their royal status for profit – or at least that’s what certain people claim the debate is. Harry and Meghan might characterise it differently, not focusing on the financial profit part of the description and rather on the fact that that’s actually their name and identity. 

Cut to yesterday and an update… from the Daily Mail, naturally with an inflammatory headline:


From there followed reports softening the Daily Mail’s exclusive, including a report in PEOPLE about how the discussions are still “ongoing”. 

“As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are stepping back as senior members of the royal family and will work towards financial independence, use of the word ‘royal’, in this context needed to be reviewed. Discussions are still ongoing,” a royal source tells PEOPLE.

Discussions are specifically around the use of the word in the name of their new nonprofit organization. “As part of the process to transition the Duke and Duchess of Sussex into their new chapter, planning has been well underway around the launch of their new nonprofit organization. Details will be shared in due course,” the source adds.”

So it’s not exactly a denial. In this business, when they have to use that many words to talk around something, it usually means that the thing they are talking around is true, they just object to how it’s been characterised, the way the Daily Mail is blowing it up like it’s a “BAN” and the Queen just slapped the Sussexes in the face. 

Note, though, that it’s the Daily Mail, one of the publications that the Sussexes are suing for their relentless and racist attacks. And it’s not like this week has been a good look for the Daily Mail and The Sun (also being sued by the Sussexes) with the death of Caroline Flack and how they treated her. So how did they get this scoop?


The viper courtiers are still selling out the Sussexes and feeding it to the very publications that the Sussexes have taken an opposing position to. The same publications under fire this week for their pernicious pursuit of Caroline Flack. I mean, even if you aren’t supportive of Harry and Meghan and their decision, can you at least acknowledge that the palace aides who’ve been running the PR out of Buckingham Palace could make better decisions about where they choose to place their stories?!? 

And if they insist on placing their stories at the Daily Mail…what does it say about them?! Also, Jesus, what do they owe them?! Here’s Prince Harry on Vancouver Island the other day out for a sub and some groceries, which is pretty much what he’s wanted to do his entire life – go out to the café for a lunch and to run errands. Obviously sh-t that isn’t special at all (the opposite, really) for regular people but is a novelty for someone of his background. Do you think that’ll get old? How long will it take for it to get old?