Maybe the key to this year is that the real awesomeness happened at the Creative Arts Emmys 10 days ago. Because Kenan Thompson won an Emmy, finally, and the shot of him kissing it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and then Samira Wiley also won, for guest actress in The Handmaids’ Tale, and she looks SO GOOD. Which is saying something, because she likes to get dressed up for these events no matter what, but this time the gold dress and the side-swept hair is really, really doing it for me.

I cannot say the same thing for her Handmaids costars tonight. Elisabeth Moss knew she wasn’t going to win, because she won last year, and because Keri Russell Claire Foy – plus the show has been HARD to watch this year. So I think she did the right thing, showing up in a dress and hair that says she’s just here to have fun.

I’m… not sure what Alexis Bledel was saying in this Delpozo dress.


I actually like the neon and the weirdo fan buttons, and I don’t mind it clashing against the pink. But if you’re gonna do this and it’s so obviously a risk, why use such a boring straight-up silhouette? It’s not fitted, it’s not draped, it’s not…anything, and it makes it look all stapled together. 
But even though Wiley’s the only standout dress in the cast (Ann Dowd and Yvonne Strahoski looked great but unremarkable in black), and even though the show has been hard to watch, this is how the cast deals with being nominated up against one another:

Kathleen cooed about the proposal because of course she did – but as I said last night, this is my version of “I Love Love”.