Dear Gossips,

Most of the conversation around the box office this weekend is about Venom and A Star is Born and whether or not, together, they can set an October record. There’s another film opening this weekend though, in limited release, that’s actually coming in with a fresher rating (96% at post time) on Rotten Tomatoes than the critically acclaimed ASIB. That would be The Hate U Give, adapted from Angie Thomas’s bestseller, my favourite book of 2017, starring Amandla Stenberg. 

Kathleen and I saw The Hate U Give on the same night at TIFF. Click here to revisit her review. We were both nervous. Would it capture the everything of the book? Would it be poignant and insightful but also would it still be a story about a teen girl figuring out who she is and where she fits in? Would it still be funny too? And cute? Yes, yes, yes. It is exactly the right recipe of bitter and sweet that makes a great movie. 

THUG opens in limited release this weekend and goes wider next week and the week after so I’ll remind you again then. But if you live in a city where it’s playing, go and see it, get to know Starr Carter and her family. They may be fictional but they represent what’s real and what they tell you is familiar and necessary. 

We are celebrating Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so we are dark on Monday as we observe the holiday. Back on Tuesday to the regular gossip schedule. Thank you so much for your support of this site. Thank you so much for your messages, for your criticisms, for your encouragement. We are thankful that you continue to support our space in gossip. To you and yours – may your Thanksgiving be peaceful and kind. Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great weekend. 

Yours in gossip,