Lockdown has not been good for anyone – and definitely not Ellen DeGeneres’s reputation which… in the shadows anyway… has apparently not been great for a while. There was that Twitter thread from a few weeks ago when people started sharing stories about what an asshole she is, allegedly, and now the crew working on her talk show is making it known that the communication has been sh-t since production got shut down due to the pandemic and that they’re working on reduced pay. While the decision to cut back on salaries might not have been Ellen’s, and she shouldn’t wear it, it’s really not a good look for her that other talk show hosts, like Jimmy Kimmel, are taking money from their own salaries to compensate the staff. Ellen, you’d think, could afford to do that too? (Dlisted)


Three Men and a Douche – and Matt Damon is one of them. Is he “men” or is he “douche”? Spoiler alert: he’s not a “douche”, at least not this time. And yes, he’s carrying a supermarket shopper and not a fancy bag. Also his dogs are with him in Ireland. That’s a celebrity advantage: travelling with multiple pets on private jets. (Pajiba)

Sometimes you look at an outfit you used to like on a celebrity and your tastes have changed or the styles have changed and you’re like, yeah, that didn’t hold up. This dress on Emma Stone, however, will hold up forever. The colour is so great on her, against her hair, and this is an excellent lip choice. (Go Fug Yourself)

I love this entire video but I especially love it when The Rock says that he knows instantly when he enters a space who’ll be the one to approach him and it’s something he shares with most celebrities who are as famous as he is. They have radar for it now. Also, the people he’s talking about always think they’re being less obvious than they are. (Cele|bitchy)


There’s a lot to watch this weekend to keep our minds off of… well… you know. BTS’s Bang Bang Con is happening. There’s the One World: Together at Home Concert. Also new episodes of Killing Eve and Insecure. And then…the thing that a lot of people have been waiting years for. Literally YEARS. This one’s at the top of list: The Last Dance. It’s the Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls ten-part ESPN docuseries and I was panicking the last few days trying to figure out how we’re getting it in Canada. They’re dropping two episodes a week at a time – and it’s footage from the Bulls’ sixth championship season in 1997/98 to complete their second three-peat. A camera crew was allowed to follow them the whole time. And there are new exclusive interviews with all the players, including MJ! Other players from other teams are included too, like Kobe Bryant and Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson, etc. For some reason, Justin Timberlake shows up. I still don’t understand this. Anyway, the answer about The Last Dance and Canada is Netflix. But to get you primed The Ringer has extensive advance coverage including this syllabus, this wishlist, and this hilarious piece about Michael Jordan’s dance moves. Trailer is below. I know it says “coming in June” but they moved the release date up to give the people something new and sports-related to watch while we’re all in lockdown. The ratings for this are going to be batsh-t. (The Ringer)