Dear Gossips,

Yesterday Sarah kicked off her new Entertainment Self-Care series with a post on what she calls “super soft TV”. You know what’s become entertainment self-care for me? 

The Masked Singer. 

Like I said last week , it’s batsh-t. I know. And, yes, the judges …even Ken Jeong, who I adore… are trash with their guesses. I get why people are WTFFFFing them up and down Twitter because THERE IS NO WAY BEYONCÉ WOULD BE ON THIS SHOW, stop this nonsense, please. 

Still. STILL. I can’t stop. It’s an hour of relief for me in the most f-cked up way. The costumes are bonkers. And, OK yes, their definition of “celebrity” is sometimes suspect. Last week I made Duana and Lorella watch with me halfway through, and they started getting into it, but at the end, when it was revealed to be football player Antonio Brown, they were like… did you seriously waste my time on this? 

Fine. Antonio Brown, I understand. But…some of these people can sing. And are legit singers. Like “The Rabbit”. 

“The Rabbit” HAS to be JC Chasez. Has to be! Listen to these clues!

I mean, he really drives it home in the end. “Gonna be me?” Who else could it be but JC Chasez, the most talented member of *NSYNC? I said what I said. That’s an improvement on Antonio Brown, non? 

And “The Bee” can definitely sing. “The Bee” was one of the performers last night and she’s clearly the class of the competition. Here’s her clues package: 

Now here’s her performance:

Come on. That’s Gladys Knight. Everyone thinks it’s Gladys Knight. 

So here’s my question… 

How is Gladys Knight going to lose to anyone else? How are we even putting her in a situation where that might be a possibility? Wait…f-ck! How did my self-care show just give me anxiety?!

Yours in gossip,