Here in Toronto, Taylor Swift has been in the headlines for days, ever since the announcement last week that she would be playing six shows to end The Eras tour (unless she adds more dates) at Rogers Centre in November 2024. Tickets are going on sale soon and everyone seems to be trying to register and/or get on the wait list. They’ve been covering it on local news nonstop. Six shows in Toronto means six different surprise acoustic song sets. The Ringer has ranked the sets she’s done so far. I totally agree with #1. “Getaway Car” and “Maroon” are a really, really strong combination. (The Ringer) 


I love this outfit on Ice Spice and I agree with the Fug Girls because my first thought was Vivienne Westwood too. If it’s not Vivienne Westwood it is a designer who, I hope, has credited her. But lately I can’t look at Ice Spice without thinking of Issa Rae because… did you see that video from a few weeks ago when she was still promoting Barbie alongside other members of the cast before the strike? This will live on in multiple new forms forever. (Go Fug Yourself) 


If you have a dog, or dogs, do you let them lick your face? We have two dogs and they are stingy as f-ck with their kisses, I’m the loser desperado constantly jamming my face in their faces begging them to kiss me and they refuse because they don’t like the taste of all my moisturisers etc. My husband, on other hand, gets full face washes. That’s how he wakes up most mornings – Barney will just start licking his face because he wants his breakfast… but is it safe? Mostly yes but there are times when there’s a risk. And that’s the thing, I’m not thirsting for a kiss from my dogs if I don’t know where they’ve been and what’s been in their mouths recently. (Cele|bitchy) 

Winnie Harlow did the Architectural Digest home tour. And I LOVE those single chairs in the living room, they look so comfortable. I also love the sheep! They work with the space! (OMG Blog) 

Bill Maher has added his voice to the list of men who are crying about the Barbie movie being mean to them. (The Mary Sue)