Dear Gossips,

Welcome to the Year of the Pig!

It’s the first day of the new year and the last day of the 12 Days of Lunar New Year, in more ways than one. Please read to the end for a message to all from my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, and for information on her annual lucky charms. For now though, the Pig is in the spotlight. 

If you’ve been following this site and my ma’s forecasts over the years, you know her attitude: she’s not here to butter you up with good news. Her concern is to make sure you’re ready for obstacles. Nobody needs a heads up about happiness. What we could all use is a heads up about challenges and how to meet them. Typically, when it’s “your” year, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best year. Think of it like the sun in photographs. You don’t always get the best light when the sun is directly over you. Sometimes the best light happens when the light is coming at you from an angle.    

During the Year of the Pig, Pigs will have some luck – it’s the luck of planning and preparation. This is the time to set your goals, the big goals. Your 10 year goals. Think about what you want down the road, work on putting together a strategy of how to achieve it. Take advantage of this time and this energy to generate the momentum you need to make it happen. This is a gift. Not everyone can say in a given year that they have the opportunity – and the time! – to truly reflect on their dreams with the resources in place to realise them. 

Three resolution stars can help Pigs this year overcome their challenges. Remember though that there is give and take. You can’t gain unless you help out. 

All Pigs are encouraged to be cautious this year. See a dentist and/or your doctor for a checkup in the next couple of weeks for bloodwork. Be safe and pay attention to your surroundings because it won’t matter how promising your plans are if you aren’t healthy enough to see them through. 

1947 Pigs could be very active this year, with a lot on the go. It’s important to manage your energy, stay healthy, and watch what you eat. 

1959 Pigs should be mindful of competitive adversaries at work. Don’t cut corners. Do not cheat. Keep everything on the up and up and focus on the details. Work at your own pace instead of rushing on someone else’s timetable. If your parents are no longer with you, plan a big 60th birthday celebration. Otherwise a low key celebration with friends and family is recommended. 

1983 Pigs may want to keep a low profile this year and remain humble. You don’t need to be front and centre. You don’t want to be a heatscore. Hang back, stay locked into your goals. 

There may be romantic challenges for Pigs during the Year of the Pig so to avoid conflict, show your appreciation. Try not to be so stubborn and compromise when you can. Sometimes pushing for a petty win can result in a major loss. Small provocations and overreactions can sacrifice a family. 

In April and May, be vigilant about your personal safety. 

In May and June, you should avoid conflict. Don’t fuel a fight. It could turn into a fire. Maximum the power of those resolution stars. 

In August and September, Pigs may want to focus on health – get more sleep, exercise, be good to your body and mind. 

In November and December, be careful driving and avoid high risk activities. There is an injury alert. 

Pigs may feel that this is an unpredictable year. There could be some highs and lows, finding balance is the key to future success Side hustle gains look promising though so stay focused on those big ass plans. Any opportunity to set your own long term agenda is a win. 

As she does every year, ma has prepared 18 good luck charms to give away. This year the charms are Rabbits and the chosen recipient sign is the Snake. Rabbits are lucky for Snakes and Snakes are the ones who need the boost during the Year of the Pig. 

If you are a Snake or know a Snake and would like a Rabbit, please email [email protected] with “Lunar New Year” as the subject title by Friday, February 8 at midnight ET.

Ma will continue giving away charms every Lunar New Year but this is the final year that she will be doing her readings. She’s entering her 70th year and it’s now time for her to conserve. As she said, “It’s time for me to conserve my own luck now”. With that in mind, here’s a general overview of signs and compatibility. A true Chinese energy profile is dependent on many other factors like your guiding element, your time and location of birth, and your parents’ signs too. But, overall, in the broadest terms, going forward it’s helpful to remember the following opposing signs, meaning they are incompatible. If, for example, you are a Rat, then you should be extra careful during the Year of the Horse:  

Horse and Rat are incompatible. 

Goat and Ox are incompatible. 

Monkey and Tiger are incompatible.

Rooster and Rabbit are incompatible. 

Dog and Dragon are incompatible. 

Pig and Snake are incompatible. 

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy Year of the Pig. Let there be peace and kindness. Let there be understanding and laughter. May you be heard and understood. And may we all have more good gossip!

Yours in gossip,